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About Us

We believe the best way to get to know us is through knowing what we care about.

Proechat is started off by a group of Singapore based team dedicated to put ‘life’ into your websites. We have been living and working online for the last 10 years. We started off just like most people, selling stuff on eBay then proceed in providing web services such as web programming and web design. It is then where we realized the importance of 24/7 online customer support.

"Every website should have online support manned by real people."

Just as Bill Gates wanted every home to have a pc, we hope every website will have 24/7 online customer support too.

We started a company, 'Get Online Team', specializing in 24/7 live chat support 3 years ago, where companies outsource us to provide live chat, email and phone support. As the years go by , we realized that our company name is too generic, making it difficult for us to establish a brand. This is how Proechat started in year 2011.

We take your business seriously. We make sure all our operators’ responses are polite and courteous. We backed that assurance by having supervisors and managers to monitor all chats real-time. Our managers do not hesitate to take over any chat to maintain a high standard of customer care.

You will have access to any managers on duty. Our company never sleeps so you can be assured of getting anyone, anytime in the day, even on holidays.

Customer’s feedback

“Excellent service” ... Donald

"OK - KATIE was FANTASTIC The BEST customer care ever: knowledgeable, friendly! Give her a PROMOTION!"... Randy

"Very helpful"... Wendy