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"I couldn't have wished for better."


"Professional, friendly, exactly what I hope to find in a customer service representative"

"This was great ! LicveChat support makes the process of using the software much easier !! After discussing things with the LiveChat person last time I decided to upgrade to a higher version, Thanks for the support !"

"Best I have EVER experienced! WOW! "

"Excellent response. Clear and at my level of expertise (not below, not above). Kudos and thanks to Susan for her help."

"Very helpful and gave me confidence that everything is going to be OK."

"The response was excellent - really clear and very helpful. I got an answer within 30 seconds of typing my request. Susan was brilliant Best wishes."

"very good support service"

"Again...excellent help. This service is fantastic and very reassuring. Thanks for making it available...I think it really sets you apart. Cheers, Tom"

"Susan was polite, an execellent typist, could find informaton quickly and knew the information I requested. Keep up the good job Susan......"

"Excellent as usual! Cheers, Tom!"

"Susan is an excellent representative thank you"

"Sofia was very helpful and professional. She did an exceptional job. Thank you, Ken"

"Excellent. Friendly and tried to be helpful."